5 Tips for a Healthier You

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Healthier You

Welcome to the New Year!  It is a great time to make our resolutions and plans for health, business, relationships and more.  Sometimes, it can be a bit frustrating just getting started and not setting our goals so high that we fail from the start. Let me break it down for you in five easy steps.

Here are 5 areas to consider when making your plans to be healthier and perhaps more productive.

First, consider the foods you eat.  Our body is our temple and what we feed it is our fuel to health and wellness.  I have shared suggestions in some of my videos, you can review them by clicking here.  In summary, avoid those foods high in wheat, sugar and dairy.  Do not try to avoid all at once or you will get overwhelmed.  Choose one of those categories and get started today!

Second, look at your rest and sleep patterns.  Personally, this is one I must focus on.  So many studies show that proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours is necessary for body renewal and to slow down the aging process!

A relaxation practice is essential in any plan.  Look at what fits your lifestyle.  It can be scheduled time to read or to walk. It may be getting a massage or energy treatment.  Commit to a regular practice of self-care.

Exercise is the fourth area to look at. They say it is the fountain of youth.  I have shared various types of exercise and their benefits, also in my videos.  Our bodies are meant to move not to sit a good part of our day.  Again, look at what fits your life.  It may be regular stretching, walking or more of a cardio workout.  Again, just like with your relaxation practice, keep to regular routine as part of your plan.

Lastly, you need to consider your Spiritual practice.  This does not necessarily mean religion although it could be for you.  It may be daily reading of an affirmation or doing a meditation practice.  There are so many examples where you can grow your spirituality.

Of course, with each of these tips, include your essential oils and supplements to round out the best health plan for you!

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