There Must Be Something Wrong With Me!

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Takes more time

Why does every project take longer and cost more than you planned? “This should only take a few minutes” inevitably turns into an hour. Determine how long a project should take, then multiply it by three – there’s your real timeline. And, staying within a budget on any project can be quite a challenge.

There are 3 very specific reasons why this is so. Knowing them better prepares you for the inevitable surprises that pop up almost as soon as you start something new.

One is IMPERMANENCE –nothing stays the same in its original form. Good or bad, nothing lasts forever. Yes, things are transient and impermanent, but when you get frustrated, keep in mind, their impermanence is often what gives them value.

The second reason is UNPREDICTABILITY. Things happen that you just can’t predict – an unexpected expensive vet bill, your contractor gets sick, a tornado. It could be anything. No matter how much planning we do, we are not able to accurately predict the future.

The third reason is DENSITY or natural limitations. Whenever we plan something – like going on a vacation, redecorating a room or changing jobs – it lies in our imagination where the sky is the limit. However, as soon as we began to take the necessary steps to make it happen, we begin to experience the natural and normal limitations of the world in which we live – there is only so much time in a day, so much money in the bank. So, of course, it takes longer and begins to cost more than planned.

When faced with unexpected obstacles to an idea, we often begin to think “This is harder than I thought. It must not be meant to be” or “Must be bad timing, I better wait”, or “I thought I could do this, but I just don’t have what it takes”. So we give up or put it off thinking there must be something wrong with us, the timing, or the idea itself. Not true.
Keep in mind the 3 properties of the world in which we live – impermanence, unpredictability and density! When they inevitability show up, you may need to be flexible, take smaller steps and/or get some support, but whatever you do, don’t give up.

There is nothing wrong with you, the timing is now and the idea is brilliant!

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