Soar to Success February 2018

SOAR TO SUCCESS / February 2018 / Core Business Strategies Effective Use of The Cloud - Making Office Boundaries Vanish By Jeanne DeWitt C loud computing for business hasn’t just taken off, it’s retiring old office practices.Not justhowweworkorwhen we work but more importantly, “Where we work.” Thanks to the Cloud, office boundaries continue vanishing. Gone are the days where you are forced to drive to a building, park your vehicle, grab your lunch and make a mad dash to clock-in. Now we work from home, the airport, in a client’s waiting room and yes, thanks to the Cloud, even on a sandy tropical beach halfway around the world. This phenomenon is not just for large companies, as many would think, it encompasses businesses of all sizes and locations. Small businesses, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurs have come onboard and are comfortable doing business online and expecting theCloud to followthemeverywhere they go. Consider the advantage an outside salesperson has gained from the Cloud. In years past, they lugged a thick and heavy black briefcase from one client location to the next. Shuffling through papers and telling the client, “I didn’t know you needed those files. I didn’t bring them with me. I’ll have to get back with you.” The Cloud has retired that practice. The new briefcase is smaller, fits in the palmof your hand and is a Cloud-friendly mobile device. It’s your phone. Your tablet. Your laptop. All connected in real time to your office, files, emails, and clients.