Using LinkedIn As A Prospecting Tool

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Using LinkedIn As A Prospecting Tool

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a warm introduction to your prospects?  I think you can! When you build a network on LinkedIn you are providing yourself with opportunities to reach your prospects. Let’s be clear. I’m not suggesting you troll your connection’s contacts and reach out to them. I AM suggesting that you can ask your connections for introductions.

Now, here are 3 things to keep in mind:

  1. It’s about relationships

You can’t shortcut trust. When you connect with people on LinkedIn you have to nurture those relationships. There has to be true connectivity in receive introductions.

  1. It’s about research

LinkedIn provides you with a database to research. When you know what your target market is, use the search function on LinkedIn to find prospects. The bonus is being able to see how you are connected to your target.

  1. It’s about the introduction

Once you’ve discovered how you are connected to your target market DO NOT reach out to them directly. That’s not as effective as reaching out to your connection and asking for an introduction.

There is a level of trust that is created when someone who knows you introduces you to your prospect. You gain a greater first impression and are more likely to get a meeting. On the flip side, if you reach out directly and use the commonality of the connection as a reason for them to talk with you it can backfire.

If you want the meeting, ask for the introduction. Follow a respectful path. Make a good first impression and honor your relationships. It really does work!

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