Lisa Krall Helps Her Clients Soar to Financial Security Success

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Lisa Krall

As we go through life, we may need help to reach our personal and professional aspirations. Lisa Krall with Park Avenue Wealth Management is someone that her clients can count on to assist them solve financial issues and reach financial goals they have for their life.

Whatever life transition they may be experiencing, marriage, a new job, another child, new home or even divorce, Lisa has the answers and can create a plan personally designed for every client’s need.

Lisa says, “I can sit with each client, work through every aspect of their unique financial situation and help them reach financial security.”

Lisa was introduced into the financial planning and service world during college. She majored in finance and enjoyed visiting her uncle’s financial planning practice. When she saw how he made a real difference in people’s lives, she was hooked.

After graduation from college she started her career working for a large company, learning the basics of the business, especially the nitty-gritty back office detail. This experience helped Lisa get an understanding of each product and aspect of the financial world.

“I like to be over-educated. I wanted to learn all of the back-office detail first, learning the business inside and out, before I took the step to become an actual advisor.”

Lisa ultimately stepped out on her own and is now the owner of her financial planning firm, Park Avenue Wealth Management. Her practice specializes in retirement investment services, and helping individuals save to be prepared for financial transitions, such as job changes, marriage and college planning. Her thorough knowledge of the financial service industry allows her to choose the products that are most appropriate for each individual client.

Much of Lisa’s work deals with retirement planning, the elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss. Lisa can help address those fears and develop a strategy to reach retirement goals.

Lisa finds that many of her clients come to her with a specific problem or need. They are often concerned that they are not saving properly to meet their long term financial goals. Lisa works with the clients to evaluate their spending and savings habits so that a true financial plan can be developed.

“The fact is that small steps today, will make a huge difference in 20-30 or even 40 years.”

The aspect of her job that she takes great pride in and loves the most, is helping people working toward a financial goal. Sometimes this requires guidance on what investments to choose, while other times it is determining whether they should continue to work a few more years, or take the buyout and early retirement options.

Lisa has over ten years’ experience in the financial service industry. Her company, Park Avenue Wealth Management was founded a little over a year ago and she is growing her brand to serve more clients in the Metro – Pittsburgh area.

Lisa has been holding meetings and speaking to groups about financial planning. She specializes in hosting seminars for people facing retirement in five to ten years. Financial planning can be an especially daunting task for the 55 and older set facing a life without a weekly paycheck.

These events are open to the public, allowing Lisa to educate the community.

Another segment of Lisa’s desire to educate a larger audience on the importance of financial planning is being the host of, “Money Moxie,” on the BizTV Shows, Elite Expert Network. Every episode she tackles a different subject that may have been a current topic in news feeds or even suggested by friends.

“We keep the videos short and informative, not overwhelming. I am very proud of them.”

As a small business owner, Lisa has learned how owning and operating your own business can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Her business allows her to control her own schedule to meet both her personal and professional obligations. Lisa also feels that having a strong support system at home is essential to running a successful business.

Lisa and her husband, Russ, have two boys, Jason, 6 and Brian, 9, who are active in baseball and after school social activities, such as bowling.  As a family they enjoy biking, playing with their dog, Sydney, and attending hockey games.  Travel is another fun part of their family life.

In 2018, Lisa, Russ and the boys are looking forward to a vacation with extended family in Perugia, Italy. Lisa and Russ feel that there is so much that can be learned from traveling the world. As an avid traveler in her younger days, Lisa is excited to share her passion with her family as they explore the Italian culture.

Lisa is a member of Pittsburgh Professional Women and the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce, Women of Westmoreland (WOW). She also values giving back and is part of the PTA at her boy’s school and is on the Board of the The Visionaries, a part of the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County. Established in 2010, the Visionaries are a group of young professional leaders committed to making the Westmoreland community a better place. The Visionaries strive to inspire other young professionals to become philanthropists who are engaged in their communities.

We thoroughly enjoyed our podcast interview with Lisa Krall; you can listen to it here on this website. If you would like to learn more about Lisa or have questions about your personal financial issues, visit her website:, or via phone at: 724-858-1122.

Lisa Krall has spent the time necessary to understand complex financial markets, but brings a personal touch to help every client, Soar to Personal Financial Success.