Hiring the Best in a Tight Job Market

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Tight Job Market

Do you work in a technical world where there are more jobs than there are candidates to fill them?  In our market today in many industries there are more jobs than there are candidates.  If somebody decides they want to change companies, they don’t have just one option, they’re going to have two or three opportunities to draw from. So how does the hiring manager entice the candidate to see their company as the best option?

Here are three ideas to consider: 

Take Your Time: To improve your interviewing process, take your time and make sure that the candidate is the right fit for your organization, and your organization is the right fit for the candidate.  Too many times I’ve seen companies that have this burning desire to have somebody on board by the first of the next month, and they rush the process. Six months later they’re starting over again, and they wonder what happened.

We have clients who are fairly careful about the hiring process.  What we’ve seen is that people don’t leave that client. We’ve placed six professional people for this one client over four years and they’re all still there. The reason, they’re very conscious about their culture, and they want to make sure it’s a good fit for the person coming in as well as for their culture.

Build a Culture of Credible Leaders: The hiring manager can make a strong compelling presentation about the opportunity and about their company, but in second interviews with other people, does the candidate sense the same enthusiasm and vision for growth for the company.  It’s that corroborating feeling that makes the hiring process successful.

Creating that culture starts with what you’re doing right now with your current team and working at always building an environment where people are listened to, where people are taken into the process when decisions are made, so that they feel like they’re in the know on what’s going on.

Use Information from Exit Interviews: Always take feedback on how you’re doing as a leader.  Take a look at the results of exit interviews, how you interact with your organization now, how many people have you lost over the last three years to opportunities with competitors or opportunities in the same geographic market.  Examine why, and always seek to communicate with a better ear to your team.

Use exit interviewing, be willing to hear the good, the bad and the ugly about why somebody’s leaving so you can use that information to make your interviews more credible. That’s what attracts good people.

If you want to hire the best in a competitive job market, make sure that the team members who will be talking with candidates are as fully engaged as the hiring manager or the owner; build that culture of trust every day, and use data to get better.  Your interviewing process will reflect your careful leadership, and you will hire the best in the market place today.