Happy New Year 2018!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Wow 2017 went by so fast!  It’s hard to believe we are already in a new year! Have you done your year-end review?  Did you accomplish everything you set out to this past year?  Do you have new goals for 2018 written down?  I sure hope that creating confidence about your image is one goal you have for written down!

I once heard that to begin creating the life you love, you need to make a list of 100 goals.  I know, 100 -crazy right!? Not easy either. But more importantly, at the end of each year you should grab your pen, and paper and have a cup of coffee with yourself.  Begin asking yourself your year-end review questions.  Did I accomplish all my goals?  If not, what ones will I transfer to my new goal list and which ones will I modify or eliminate?  What were some of my biggest challenges this past year?  Were any of those repetitive from the previous year?  What strategic plan will I put in place this year to be intentional about eliminating that challenge once and for all?

Wow, that certainly gave me a lot to think about!    Back then, like so many of my clients today, I struggled with the same issue, year after year.  I’m talking about when you find yourself standing in front of your closet saying, “I don’t have anything to wear!”  You know that frustration I am talking about.  When your mind races as you start moving through the pieces thinking, no, too casual, no, too dressy, nothing to match that.  I feel frumpy in that, that’s too big, that’s too old and out of style, oh I’m just not sure, or worse yet, it’s too small!  This kind of repeated behavior can create so many self-defeating attitudes!  Not to mention the depressed state of mind you end up in!

I hope that you make creating confidence around your image a priority because when you invest in yourself, you gain peace of mind and you deserve that!  Think about it, no more frustrating decisions.  No more uncertainty about your choices.   By taking actionable steps you gain confidence in your decisions that allows your inner beauty to shine!  You can create ease in shopping, saving you time and money.

Our image is the presentation of ourselves to the world. Our image matters, not because of what people think about us, but because of how it makes us feel! When we are confident, we are free to express our inner beauty to the world.  You deserve to feel your best!

I am super excited about 2018!  Each month I will be sharing with you ways to be intentional and boost your confidence in your own image decisions.    For a free consultation or help detoxing your closet, contact me at lynnette@uniquelyyourimage.com   You deserve to live life confident!