CPA Marguerite Harkness Makes Your Financial Well Being Her Business

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Marguerite Harkness

“How much you earn is YOUR business; how much you keep after taxes, is MY business.” ~ Marguerite Harkness

Marguerite Harkness received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Baldwin Wallace and accounting degree at Case Western Reserve, to earn her CPA designation. Now she helps her clients manage business, as well as, personal tax issues.

A successful CPA understands that there are several different methods to preparing tax returns. The right method for your neighbor or competitor in business may not be right for you.

Marguerite told us,

“Every person’s financial situation is different, and you should make decisions based on YOUR reality.”

She enjoys working with her clients, when they are considering important financial decisions and help them choose the right options to minimize any tax obligations, either now or in the future.

She gives advice on the right timing of making a financial decision. She shared with us that spreading an expense from one year into the next could have significant taxation consequences.

She can also help families with their personal taxation issues, especially aging clients.

“Just because your grandmother doesn’t pay income taxes – doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a CPA. She may have assets that can be redeemed with little or no taxation – but you could get stuck with a big tax bill if you inherit that same asset.”

Her father was strong in mathematics and Marguerite found she was proficient with numbers, as well. She even helped her parents prepare their income taxes, while still a teenager. Of course, the tax forms were considerably easier to understand.

Upon her graduation from Case Western Reserve, she was hired by one of the larger accounting firms. She eventually moved on to work directly as an in-house CPA for a few different companies. She eventually decided to strike out on her own.

In 1985, she hung out her shingle and a year later she was able to purchase her building at 16903 Fischer Road in Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland.

Marguerite enjoys working with her clients and has received many positive reviews over the years. One said this:

 “Marguerite, it occurred to me today how especially grateful I am to you for taking care of my affairs so faithfully and competently, with my best interest in mind!  I was just contemplating the staggering amount of information that I don’t have, but you do.  Gratitude is not a strong enough word, in any case thank you!”

Another client took the time to write,

“Again, thank you.  You’ve been an angel in your guidance through the years.”

Marguerite’s goal is to use her financial knowledge to continue serving middle income individuals make better informed financial decisions.

Marguerite noted: “Every Family Needs A CPA!”

Marguerite does not live by accounting alone. She and her husband love to travel. They have visited many exotic spots around the world including, Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Borneo and Paraguay.

Borneo proved to be a unique experience, as they met with the grandchildren of former headhunters. One of her siblings adopted children from Paraguay and learning about their heritage and background on a trip to that South American Country, was very informative.

She especially loves Gettysburg and the hallowed history that lives in those Pennsylvania hills.

Both she and her husband also enjoy concerts. Apollo’s Fire, Les Delices, Quire, the Cleveland Pops, Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra are all on her greatest hits list. In addition, they attend the theatre as often as possible, especially, musicals and Shakespearean plays.

Marguerite quipped; “So many interests, so little time!”

Marguerite stays active professionally outside of her business, as well.

Her main interest lies in NAWBO Cleveland, formerly the Women Business Owners Association (WBOA). She was involved soon after WBOA started in 1981.

“At the time, there were no organizations for women in Cleveland and we didn’t know if there were many businesses owned by women. We started with eight women meeting in a rented room at the Women’s Space at Playhouse Square.”

She is also active in the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, but NAWBO is most dear to her heart.

“Everyone at the NAWBO meetings is a business owner, we all learn from each other’s experiences.”

NAWBO takes a long-term outlook on developing personal, as well as, business relationships. She has rarely missed a meeting in 30 years and helps by sponsoring events, recruiting new members and helping the organization in every possible manner.

Marguerite Harkness has Soared to Success by building a successful accounting practice in Cleveland and helped her clients weather the financial storms of the past 30 years. Her knowledge and business experience can help any individual organize their business accounting systems and receive expert tax advice.

We enjoyed our interview with Marguerite; visit our website to listen to the podcast recording to hear our complete interview, that formed the basis for this article.

If you would like to learn more about Marguerite’s business or have questions for her, you can reach her by phone: 216-228-3091, or by email at:

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