Are You Prepared For the Worst?

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Are You Prepared For the Worst?

On Saturday January 13th I got a call that no one wishes they will ever get! My sister from Hawaii called to say her last goodbyes! They all had received messages saying to take cover that there was a ballistic missile inbound to Hawaii and to seek shelter, that this was not a drill! My son and I cried saying our last goodbyes telling Auntie Cyndee (who lives there), and Grandma and Papa(visiting) how much we loved each other and we will see them in heaven! We are all so blessed that someone “accidentally” pushed the wrong button.

Emergency situations can happen at any time! In today’s news we are hearing more than ever the threats and the reality of “what might happen”.

Do you have the basic emergency kit in play?


Years ago, we had items and essential oils prepared “just in case” we were shut off from the world. Many of my friends from Las Vegas and Utah have 1-2 years’ worth of supplies.

So how are you prepared? Food, water, blankets, flashlight, batteries, pillows, first aid kit, and OILS?

Water and food of course are a must! A great filtered water system that doesn’t require electricity will come in handy.

Food supply like canned meats, soups, veggies, jerky, nuts, almond butter, and coconut oil are just a few suggestions. Now what about dōTERRA oils and supplements?

Why would we want to stock up on OILS? Have you heard that oils were MANKIND’S FIRST MEDICINE??? That’s right! GOD created plants and trees for healing and nourishment and guess what – the expiration on our oils will most likely out live us! So why not add dōTERRA essential oils to your emergency kit!

The Family home essential kit has been known to be used for family needs to assist in occasional flu, cough, sore throat, discomfort, as well as to kill airborne pathogens and more. It includes

  • Frankincense-helps support healthy immune, nervous and digestive function when taken internally.
  • Lavender-skin irritations, tension taken internally it’s known to reduce anxious feelings.
  • Lemon-naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion. Supports healthy respiratory mood.
  • Melaleuca-promotes healthy immune function, protects against environmental and seasonal threats when used internally.
  • Oregano-powerful antioxidants,supports healthy immune, digestion, and respiratory when used internally.
  • Peppermint-promotes healthy respiratory, digestive, and clear breathing when ingested.
  • Onguard-protects against environmental threats, immune, circulation, and respiratory function.
  • Deep blue-great for muscles.
  • Digestzen-supports healthy digestion, gas and bloating,
  • Breathe-maintains feelings of clear airways, and seasonal threats.
  • Lemon, tangerine and wild orange are known to help remove petrochemicals while keeping hydrated.
  • Onguard plus-supports healthy immune, and respiratory.
  • Myrrh and helichrysum- some have used this mixture as a liquid bandage.
  • Clove essential oil- known for being the most powerful antioxidant.
  • Deep blue, copaiba, past tense, cardamom for discomfort of muscles, joints, tendons, etc.
  • Deep blue polyphenols packed full of antioxidants has been known for occasional discomfort.
  • DōTERRA lifelong vitality – packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas, fruits and veggies all in a food matrix form so our body can utilize it as food!
  • Terrazyme and pb assist-help absorb nutrients, benefit immune system!
  • Gx assist-may improve microbial balance. Known to help purify and cleanse the digestive system.
  • More Frankincense….and onguard!
  • DDR prime – cellular renewal.

Basically, have All the OILS, supplements etc.

For more information on dōTERRA essential oils go to or contact me via email at

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